St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

The Third Sunday in Advent (Year B)                     13 December 2020

Christmas Services

Dec 24 @ 4 pm Community Christmas service All families and children welcome. Special guests.

Dec 24  @ 8 pm  Nativity Story and Holy Communion with Organ

Dec 25 @ 10 am  Christmas  Communion outside the Parish Hall side deck

Dec 27 @ 10:30 am First Sunday after Christmas ‘on the Feast of Stephen’

Reservations are required for these services only.  Information to follow.

‘For this season in the life of the Church, the mask should be seen as a liturgical garmentworn as an act and symbol of humility, service and love.’  +Andrew


December 20: The flowers at the lectern are given to the Glory of God and in memory of Bob Gifford, Grace, Howard and Bill Johnson and Margaret Mallet by Nathalie Gifford.

The flowers at the font are given to the Glory of God and in memory of her father Donald Henderson by Deborah Henderson.


Should you wish to follow the Lectionary at home, here are the readings:

Isaiah:  61: 1-4, 8-11;   Psalm 126;

1 Thessalonians 5:16-24;                  John 1: 6-8, 19-28.


Through The Cat’s Meow we can gather in the names of those who are suffering in body, mind or spirit at this time and for whom you have a special concern and we can each undertake to lift them up in prayer before God.

For those who are living in fear for whatever reason;

 For patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, and their families;

 For the lonely and forgotten in this time of social isolation;

 For those who are living on the margins of society;

 For those whose burden is too deep for words.

 For all in any kind of need.  For Gail Rowe and her family, Gail Varey, Terry Moore, Joan Moss, Pat Paddon,

Bp Michael Hawkins

 For the souls of all the departed, remembering Joe Arvay,

and for those who mourn.

 Let us have names by next Friday and they will be included in the

next issue.


For 2021, Coldest Night of the Year is a COVID-safe, family-friendly blended event. Walk virtually or in person on February 20, 2021 – there’s a place for everyone! We walk to raise money for the Green Wood Coalition, working with people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger. Our Team, “The St. Marks Marchers” is set up and ready for members to join or you can donate to our walkers. Go to to “register to fundraise” or “donate”, then “find your location” (Port Hope) and follow the instructions. The need is now greater than ever, so please remember…

It’s cold out there.

In the final stages of production is a 25-minute video of our Cantate Chimers ringing favourite Christmas Carols. A generous donation has supported this project, filmed by the amazing Tyler Matoff (‘Holy Spires of Port Hope’) and Dennis Gagnon of New Oculus Imaging.

The DVD should be available by the end of next week – people can order copies of it from me, Randy Mills  (905-373-0867)  $5 each.

 Here is the link to Sunday’s service from St. John’s for the Cat’s Meow:



Our Diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil, has selected Marion to be a Member of the Order of the Diocese of Toronto. The purpose of the Order is to recognize and honour those laypersons in the Diocese who have given outstanding service over a significant period of time in their volunteer ministry.  “We give thanks to God for your work and witness in the exercise of your baptismal ministry as one of those who has demonstrated that “their light shines, their works glorify”.

Join Bp Andrew online Jan. 1, 2021, 2 pm

Do you have memories of the years when people would bring a gift, often food or mittens, to church on the Third Sunday of Advent? The ‘Joy’ of Giving — a day when we would wrap our gifts in white tissue paper and offer them to the church for distribution to the needy. The packaging of traditions can change but the intent remains the same. In DECEMBER  how about making that extra effort to bring a food or monetary or necessity donation to church with you? Place it in our Fare Share hamper, Chapel or Main entrance, and offer thanks to the Lord that we have enough of our own bounty to share with others. (Cheques should be made out to St. Mark’s with Fare Share on the memo line and placed in the offering plates as you enter or exit the church, or deposited in the parish hall post box.)

Father William was honoured and thrilled to have Shirley Fricker, the surviving wife of his dear friend and mentor, Bishop Joe Fricker, give him one of Joe’s favourite stoles. It was woven together by a well known liturgical fabric artist Margaret Wallace of  Dundas. This striking blue stole has many images and symbols for Advent.

To quote from Margaret Wallace “I tried to interpret ideas from the hymn “dispel the gloomy clouds of night, and death’s dark shadows put to flight’. So on the stole are images of  ‘the dayspring’, the tree of Jesse in the top leaf, the Christ candle in the small flickering red flame, the Virgin Mary represented by the crescent moon, the woman of Revelation with “the moon under her feet” she was also crowned with 12 stars which I have scattered across the back”.

As one St Marker told Father William, too bad it can only be worn during the four Sundays of Advent’. Too bad indeed. But what an honour to have the ‘mantle of Bishop Joe. now here on the shoulders of St Mark!

 As one St Marker told Father William, too bad it can only be worn during the four Sundays of Advent’. Too bad indeed. But what an honour to have the ‘mantle of Bishop Joe. now here on the shoulders of St Mark.


The Cat’s Meow:  For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson at before Friday morning.  905-885-0787


Internet Services

Provided pro bono to St. Mark’s by:   Jim Corkery at Corkery + Co.




Advent Meditation


Beyond the anxiety, beyond the isolation,

Beyond the restrictions –

To gather,

To celebrate,

To Grieve …


Hope resides.


Hope lives in the quiet spaces.

In wish-filled longings,

And fervent prayers.

Between imagination and possibility.

Hope resides,

Because a Child was born.


Beyond broken promises, broken systems,

Broken policies –

That demoralize,


And demonize …


Peace resides.


Peace lives in the quiet spaces.

Of acknowledgement.

Respectful action.  Significant change.

Between imagination and possibility.

Peace resides,

Because a Child was born.


In places of awe, and unabashed wonder,

Where Hope,

And Peace flourish –

Untethered, unencumbered,

And authenticity is celebrated …


Joy resides.


Between imagination and possibility.

Joy resides,

Because a Child was born.

Beyond hate-filled rhetoric, abuse of power,

Broad strokes – That divide,

Suppress, And marginalize …


Love resides.


Love lives in the quiet spaces

of hard work and heart work.

Of compassion and commitment,

Understanding and empathy.

Between imagination and possibility.

Where the inhale becomes the exhale.


Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love reside.

Because a Child was born.

— Florence Niven 2020

             (Courtesy of Sheila Goering)