St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

The Second Sunday in Advent (Year B)                     5 December 2020

Christmas Services

Dec 24 @ 4 pm Community Christmas service All families and children welcome. Special guests.

Dec 24 @ 8 pm Nativity Story and Holy Communion with Organ

Dec 25 @ 10 am Christmas Communion outside the Parish Hall side deck

Dec 27 @ 10:30 am First Sunday after Christmas ‘on the Feast of Stephen’

Reservations are required for these services only.  Information to follow.

For this season in the life of the Church, the mask should be seen as a liturgical garmentworn as an act and symbol of humility, service and love.’  +Andrew


December 5: The flowers at the lectern are given to the Glory of God and in memory of John Brandford, Evelyn Cotter, and Margaret Bailey by
Fr Graham Cotter.


Should you wish to follow the Lectionary at home, here are the readings:


Isaiah:  40: 1-11:   Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13;

2 Peter 3: 8-15a;   Mark 1: 1-8.



Through The Cat’s Meow we can gather in the names of those who are suffering in body, mind or spirit at this time and for whom you have a special concern and we can each undertake to lift them up in prayer before God.

For those who are living in fear for whatever reason;

For patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, and their families;

For the lonely and forgotten in this time of social isolation;

For those who are living on the margins of society;

For those whose burden is too deep for words.

For all in any kind of need.  For Gail Rowe and her family, Gail Varey, Terry Moore, Joan Moss, Pat Paddon.

 For the souls of all the departed

and for those who mourn.

 Let us have names by next Friday and they will be included in the

next issue.



You are encouraged to watch some very creative Youtube videos on ISAIAH as background for the homilies on these Advent Sundays.

Do you have memories of the years when people would bring a gift, often food or mittens, to church on the Third Sunday of Advent? The ‘Joy’ of Giving — a day when we would wrap our gifts in white tissue paper and offer them to the church for distribution to the needy. The packaging of traditions can change but the intent remains the same.

On December 13th how about making that extra effort to bring a food or monetary or necessity donation to church with you? Place it in our Fare Share hamper, Chapel or Main entrance, and offer thanks to the Lord that we have enough of our own bounty to share with others. (Cheques should be made out to St. Mark’s with Fare Share on the memo line and placed in the offering plates as you enter or exit the church, or deposited in the parish hall post box.) God Bless!


Link to St. John’s Sunday’s service:


For 2021, Coldest Night of the Year is a COVID-safe, family-friendly blended event. Walk virtually or in person on February 20, 2021 – there’s a place for everyone! We walk to raise money for the Green Wood Coalition, working with people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger. Our Team, “The St. Marks Marchers” is set up and ready for members to join or you can donate to our walkers. Go to to “register to fundraise” or “donate”, then “find your location” (Port Hope) and follow the instructions. The need is now greater than ever, so please remember…  It’s cold out there.



The minutes from the last COVID Response Team Meeting were summarized in Jacob’s Ladder. From the minutes you will see we continue to work on perfecting our protocols, answering your questions and concerns and investigating information about cleaning, singing/humming and church capacity. The team met again Friday December 4 with the focus on planning and accommodating Advent and Christmas services.

Our Health Unit colour code, according to the provincial COVID system, remains Green at this time. Green indicates the virus is present, contagion is low, our health system is not compromised and preventive measures are in place. However, we are starting to see numerous outbreaks in our area in industry, service industries and schools. This tells us there is community spread and we need to be vigilant, because unfortunately, others are not. If this trend continues our colour code may change to Yellow (protect).

Areas surrounding us are in different colours – Peterborough is Yellow (protect), Durham is Red (control) and the majority of the GTA is Grey (lockdown). The virus is more active in these areas and restrictions have been put in place to control its spread. Locally, I notice some stores have decided to restrict the numbers of people permitted inside their spaces and I know they are concerned about their staff and customers.

More information about the colour coding system is available on the provincial website and I encourage you to look at it, especially if you are considering travelling out of our area. Durham and the GTA are under very strict protocols at this time. The province states the following travel advisory for Ontario. “Individuals and families in higher transmission areas should avoid travel to lower transmission areas, except for essential reason.” I think we would all agree the extension of this advisory is … people from areas of lower transmission should avoid travel to high areas of transmission, except for essential reasons.

Stay safe, Gwen Duck, for the COVID Response Team


The Cat’s Meow:  For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson at before Friday morning.  905-885-0787

Internet Services

Provided pro bono to St. Mark’s by:   Jim Corkery at Corkery + Co.



 A Blessing for Traveling in the Dark

 Go slowly if you can.
More slowly still.
Friendly dark
or fearsome,
this is no place
to break your neck
by rushing,
by running,
by crashing into
what you cannot see.

Then again,
it is true:
different darks
have different tasks,
and if you
have arrived here unawares,
if you have come
in peril
or in pain,
this might be no place
you should dawdle.

I do not know
what these shadows
ask of you,
what they might hold
that means you good
or ill.
It is not for me
to reckon
whether you should linger
or you should leave

But this is what
I can ask for you:

that in the darkness
there be a blessing.
That in the shadows
there be a welcome.
That in the night
you be encompassed
by the Love that knows
your name.

Blessing for Advent 1, Jan Richardson


 Father William is looking for extra outdoor Christmas decorations to light up the Rectory….if anyone has such laying around.

 Randy Mills, with help from two local videographers, has just completed a taping of our Chimers chiming music, 12 carols in fact, for the Christmas season. A DVD will be completed shortly and available for sale at $5 each.

Father William, in consultation with the Wardens and with help from Robert Smith, has purchased for the parish our own video recording equipment. In preparation for Christmas there are several ‘stories of the season’ that are being prepared to be recorded. As well we will now be able to video record services, events, talks and interviews in 2021 and our 2022 Third Century events at St Mark’s. As many other churches do, we will now be able to post them online on Facebook or YouTube, send them out as DVDs, and/or live stream them for parishioners, friends of St. Mark’s and others locally and beyond, as we continue to be constrained by COVID-19 for face-to-face meetings

Amazing photo that was in the NY times taken at a parish in Queens

 Post scripts

Elemer Bogyay is back in town after 10 months away in Hungary.

Randy Mills:  Thank you! I am grateful for the lovely surprise last Sunday, marking my 65th birthday. The wine is safely stored for future consideration – and the beautiful card is on my TV.