St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

Third Sunday after Pentecost                  30 June 2019

Morning Prayer will not be held for the next two weeks, but will resume on Thursday and Friday, July 18 and 19.

Centering Prayer continues on Thursdays, 3.00 in the mezzanine.

You are welcome to join us for the Angelus following the postlude at 10.30. Icon table at the back .

Wednesday Eucharists are at St. John’s in July, 10:00.

The flowers this week are given to the Glory of God and, at the lectern, are given in memory of Helen Bogyay from Elemer Bogyay and family.

The flowers at the font are given in memory of Ellen Ivy and William Edmund Cork, Betty and Lloyd Hawkins and Doris Gainer, family of Lisa MacLeod.

Anointing For Healing—Anointing is available on the second Sunday of each month, or anytime by appointment.

July Prayer List–If you wish a name to appear of July’s prayer list, PRINT the name(s) on the sheet provided. The sheet is located in the red binder, on the shelf at the back of the church.

 Mass Cards–Thirty new copies of the German Mass cards have been purchased to replace lost ones. To prevent further losses, do not stuff the card into your bulletin. Instead, leave the card on the seat of your pew for collection. Also, please do not take the cards home, or into other areas of the church. Thank you.

The next Greenwood Coalition Dinner is on July 3rd. The menu is ham with potato/rice salad, green salads and desserts. There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church.

Summer Music for Kids

Something completely different! Sundays 9:30 am-12 noon we are looking to welcome children 7 and up to sing and chime every Sunday. Warming up in the hall at 9:30, the group will participate in our eucharist at 10:30am. Have any friends with children/grandkids who might be interested? Randy Mills will be happy to contact them directly – please call him at 905-373-0867 with details. A small stipend will be offered, as usual.

St. Mark’s Country BBQ
Sunday July 21st, arrive after 12pm  492 3rd Concession Road West, Trent Hills (for your GPS)
Beside Sandy Flats Sugarbush.
Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Salads, Desserts and Beverage Bar.
All monies raised will go to the Choir Fund.
Signup sheet and directions at the back of the church.

Thank You!

Many generous gifts have come in to help two of our choir girls to attend the annual Diocesan Choir Camp for Girls. Thank you for your generosity!

Bach and More in August

Three organ recitals by Randy Mills on Thursdays, Aug. 1, 8 & 15 at 7pm here at St Mark’s with our wonderful 1986 Gabriel Kney pipe organ. Offering for our music programme – plan to enjoy an hour of lovely music.

Bicentennial of St. John’s, Port Hope. The congregations of St. Mark’s and St. Paul’s (Perrytown) are invited to attend a service of thanksgiving, marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of St. John’s, on Sunday, September 8, at 10:30. Bishop Andrew Asbil will preside and preach. It is worth remembering that the building St. Mark’s occupies today was built in 1822 as the first home of St. John’s. St. Mark’s, as a parish, was founded in 1873.

Cinema St. Mark –Join us for another great feature om July 19th:

Parish Information Directory: If you haven’t already done so, pick up your labelled copy at the back of the church.

Gardens and Gardeners: The 5 small gardens immediately behind the rectory, are being “de-bloomed”. St. Markers are welcome to help themselves to any plants. Please do not take the peonies as they still have to flower. The gardens in question are each marked with a wooden stake.

The Cat’s Meow: For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson through the office or at before Friday morning.

Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday,

 9 a.m. to noon. 905-885-4071


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 Food for Thought

 “It is a mere caricature of prayer to regard it as emergency signals which we send out to God in difficult situations. Prayer is a fundamental style of thinking, passionate and compassionate, responsible and thankful, that is deeply rooted in our humanity and that manifests itself not only among believers but also among serious-minded people who do not profess any religious faith. Yet it seems to me that if we follow out the instinct to pray that is in all of us, it will finally bring us to faith in God. Michael Novak remarks: ‘It is in prayer that one comes to know God best.’1 And he goes on to ask the very significant question, whether people do not pray because they do not believe in God, or whether they do not believe in God because then have given up (or never learned) prayer. To pray is to think in such a way that we dwell with reality, and faith’s name for reality is God.”– John McQuarrie, Paths in Spirituality

Michael Novak, Belief and Unbelief