St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

The 21st Sunday after Pentecost                                  25 October 2020


October 25:  Given to the Glory of God  and in memory of  Margaret Peterson, Jim Rogers and Millie and Frank Harding by Carol Poste.


Should you wish to follow the Lectionary at home, here are the readings:

Micah 3: 5-12;           Psalm 43;                    1 Thessalonians 2: 9-13;              Matthew 23: 1-12


Through The Cat’s Meow we can gather in the names of those who are suffering in body, mind or spirit at this time and for whom you have a special concern and we can each undertake to lift them up in prayer before God.

For those who are living in fear for whatever reason;

 For patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, and their families;

 For the lonely and forgotten in this time of social isolation;

For those who are living on the margins of society;

For those whose burden is too deep for words.

 For  Gail Rowe and her family.

For the souls of all the departed and for those who mourn.

 Let us have names by next Friday and they will be included in the next issue.


  1. The decision has been made to continue our gradual reopening to renters.

Marion and Gwen met with AA leadership this week to review protocols and we

welcome AA back starting Monday October 26.

  1. Two full day parish hall rentals have been scheduled for Tuesday October 26 and

Saturday December 5. COVID protocols will be in place and we ask parishioners not

directly involved with these events to avoid visiting the parish hall on these dates.

  1. Notes from the COVID 19 Response Team meeting October 16:

Team members: William Roberts, Marion Thompson, Gary Potter, Gwen Duck (Lead),Jill Walkingshaw (Chancel Guild), Jim McGrath (Sidesperson), Randy Mills (Music), Wayne Smith (PAC). Others may be asked to join as the need arises.

Overall the first 4 weeks of worship have gone very well. Exiting at the end of service last week was better as people were patient and waited for direction from the sidesperson.

All COVID protocols were reviewed and are now filed in the church office.

TLC (church cleaners) is concerned about the long term use of bleach based cleaners on surfaces and we will monitor this situation. Cleaners without bleach do not kill the virus.

We would like to establish a rota for sidespersons/greeters and Jim McGrath will be asking parishioners to take part.

Next meeting : November 20

Gwen, for the Reopening Committee


As    promised, in the spirit of the Hollyberry Bazaar, preserves will be offered for sale …

In keeping with the COVID regulations from the Diocese, we will not be able to gather for this sale.

A listing of preserves, sweets and savories, will be available next week in the bulletin.

Pick-up and delivery options will be available.

Looking forward to helping you stock your cupboard or find a special treat to share.

Gwen, for Events

 William Roberts’ Zoom Meeting on “Virtual Events”

Thursday, 29 October⋅7:00 – 8:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Description: William Roberts is

inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 787 111 9744

 Passcode: 63856

  1. 30 minutes before

Organizer: Fr William Roberts


 The Cat’s Meow:  For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson at before Friday morning.  905-885-0787

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