St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

Trinity Sunday                                         16 June 2019


Morning Prayer Thursday and Friday at 9:30 in the rectory.

Centering Prayer continues on Thursdays, 3.00 in the mezzanine.

You are welcome to join us for the Angelus following the postlude at 10.30. Icon table at the back

Eucharist & Pot LuckWednesday, June 19. Sung Eucharist at 5.15, followed by Pot Luck supper. Sign-up sheet on back bulletin board.

Wednesday Eucharists are at St. Mark’s in June, 10:00.

This week the flowers are given to the Glory of God and in memory of Winnifred and Herbert Langridge, parents of Kathryn Carnegie.

Anointing For Healing—Anointing is available on the second Sunday of each month, or anytime by appointment.

The next Greenwood Coalition Dinner is on July 3rd. The menu is ham with potato/rice salad, green salads and desserts. There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church.

Each parish family may have a revised copy of the Parish Information Booklet. Please pick up yours – each has a name label – on the shelf at the back of the church.

MARK’S SUMMER SUPPER – ‘STRAWBERRIES ON THE LAWN’ Wednesday  June 26    5 to 7 pm St. Mark’s Parish Hall and patio Cold ham, assorted salads, breabasket.  Featuring strawberry shortcake and whipped cream. Coffee and tea $20 (cash) at the door.   Cash Bar. *** Help us plan by signing the sheet at the back of the church or contacting the church office at 905-885-4071

.Cinema St. Mark –Join us for two great features:

June 21, 7.30 pm: The Spirit of the Beehive (1973). In this masterpiece of Spanish cinema, young Ana is overcome with moral questions after watching Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. When her attempt to extend kindness to a runaway soldier is thwarted, she is left to ponder whether kindness is possible in a mysteriously unjust world.

June 28, 7.30 pm : Belle de Jour (1967) dir., Luis Buñuel. Unable to reconcile her sexual fantasies with her conventional life as a Parisian housewife, Séverine goes to work in a high-class brothel. An erotic daydream that examines desire in conflict with social expectations and class divisions.

Gardens and Gardeners: The church gardens are a great source of pride and pleasure for us as parishioners and for our guests and visitors. They take a lot of work. We are in need of some help as more hands make lighter work for the five gardeners. Contact/speak to Peter Kedwell (chair) if you are able to assist (  905-885-6706).  The 5 small gardens immediately behind the rectory initiated by Marg Tandy are being “de-bloomed”. There is too much to look after. St. Markers are welcome to help themselves to any plants. Please do not take the peonies as they still have to flower. The gardens in question are each marked with a wooden stake


The Cat’s Meow: For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson through the office or at before Friday morning.

Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday,

  9 a.m. to noon. 905-885-4071

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Food for Thought     “You believe there is such a thing as light, whether flowing from the sun or any other luminous body. But you cannot comprehend either its nature or the manner wherein it flows. How does it move from Jupiter to the earth in eight minutes, two hundred thousand miles in a moment?   How do the rays of the candle brought into the room instantly disperse into every corner? Here are three candles, yet there is but one light. Explain this, and I will explain the Three-One God.  The knowledge of the Three-One God is interwoven with all true Christian faith, with all vital religion.”                                     — John Wesley

[Ed. note: Light moves from the sun to the earth in eight minutes, earth to Jupiter in 38 to 52 minutes. At their closest, Jupiter and earth are 365 million miles apart. The light year unit of distance was defined more than 40 years after Wesley’s death in 1791. This takes nothing away from Wesley’s words.]