St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

The 6th Sunday after Epiphany                    16 February 2020

The flowers are given to the Glory of God and in memory of Pat Lawson and Phillip and Ottilie Ketchum by Tom Lawson.

Service Music. A new music card containing both words and music is available this morning. The words to the Glory to God and Holy, Holy, Holy are those found in the BAS. Words to Lamb of God are on p.226, under Anthems. Your comments are welcome.

Anointing for Healing is available on the second Sunday of the month or by appointment.

You are welcome to join us for the Angelus following the postlude at 10:30 Icon table at the back.

Servers Meeting: There will be a short meeting for altar servers early in March. Date to be announced.

Prayer Book Evensong is led by the Cantate Singers on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday Eucharists in February are here at St. Mark’s at 10 a.m..

Prayer List– in the red binder, rear of church.

Centering Prayer is held on Thursdays   at 3.00 in the mezzanine.

Annual VESTRY  Meeting Sunday, Feb. 23rd

Following the 10:30 eucharist  There will not be a pot luck lunch this year. The meeting will start 15 minutes after the end of the service. Refreshments will be available.

Les Robling invites you to the opening of his Art Show on Saturday 29th February between 2 and 4 pm at the Northumberland Arts Gallery and Shop, 8 Queen Street, Port Hope.

The LENT Jacob’s Ladder is targeted for distribution on  the first Sunday of LENT, March 1.  Please have articles and photos to Dorothy Geale by Ash Wednesday, February 26.

Pancake DinnerFebruary 25  5 p.m. to 7 p.m., $8.00 per person. If you are able to work at this event, please sign up on the sheet at the back of the Church.  If you are unable to work, we look forward to serving you.

Coldest Night of the Year Our annual fund raising walk for the Green Wood Coalition takes place on Feb. 22. You can still help us reach our goal by donating to one of our walkers. Simply go to and click the donate button. Our team is the St. Marks Marchers. Any one of our walkers would love the support!

Tuesday, Tea, and Theology Tuesday afternoons, 3:00 – 4:30, upstairs in the parish hall

  •  Feb. 18     Williams, Jane,  The Merciful Humility of God

 Signs of Life. This Lenten Program sponsored by the Society of St. John the Evangelist and The Virginia Theological Seminary will focus on four themes: Light, Water, Food, and Shelter. Join the Brothers of SSJE in exploring these signs and symbols at the heart of Christian worship.  This free 5-week offering, comprised of a weekly 15-minute video and questions for reflection and discussion, encourages individuals and groups to explore the riches of our worship traditions, liturgy and sacraments, and the art and architecture of our worship spaces, revealing the full meaning of these signs, deepening our experience of Christian vocation and guiding us toward ongoing conversion. Go to subscribe. See me if you are interested in a Sunday, weekday, or evening discussion group. If you do not have access to a computer, it may be possible to both view the video and have a discussion at the same session. RM+

Kitchen Users & RecyclingWe are doing a lot better now as we adjust to recycling our kitchen garbage in the right containers.  However, do take a moment to be sure you’ve got it right! Mixing it up any old how defeats the purpose as that whole bin will be rejected and go to land fill.

SUNDAY REFRESHMENTS 2020  A sign-up sheet for Sunday snacks (March-May)  is posted in the hallway to the parish hall.  Please help support our fellowship that follows the10:30 am service.  Cash donations or food are welcome.

 CEFTI –  The Cotter Endowment Fund for the Incumbency will be happy to accept your donation.  CEFTI will issue a tax receipt.  Please make your cheque payable to CEFTI, not St. Mark’s.

The Cat’s Meow:  For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson through the office or at before Friday morning.

Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday,

9 a.m. to noon.  905-885-4071


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