St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope 

The Third Sunday of Lent                               15 March 2020

Fr. Randy Away–I will be away this week, returning Tuesday, March 23. Next Sunday the Rev. Jim Halmarlson of St. George, Grafton, will celebrate and preach at 8.00 and 10.30. I will be here to lead the Lenten Study Group this Tuesday (March 17). Randy+

An update from Bishop Andrew Asbil on the COVID-19 situation in our Diocese:  We are immediately ceasing the practice of coffee hours and all other purely social non-essential gatherings, especially those that involve the serving and sharing of food for social reasons (e.g., potlucks, teas).  Ministries where food is served to hungry and disadvantaged people can, and should, continue, using the most current health and safety guidelines available from public health.

Covid-19 (coronavirus)–New Diocesan Directives–The clergy of the diocese have been informed by Bishop Asbil of new protocols regarding the eucharistic cup and anointing.

  • Effective immediately, the sharing of the common cup is suspended. Communion will be received in one kind only (wafer). In keeping with tradition, a small amount of wine will continue to be consecrated, but must be consumed by the celebrant. Intinction (dipping wafer into wine) remains prohibited. The use of individual cups also remains prohibited.
  • Anointing for Healing–Anointing with oil is now prohibited in the context of public liturgies; it remains permissible in private settings (hospitals, homes) where hand washing and sanitization are readily available. The laying on of hands for healing, on the shoulder, will be available at public liturgies.
  • The Peace–Please refrain from shaking one another’s hands, or hugging, during the Peace. Consider remaining in your pew and limiting your greeting to those around you using words, a smile, and/or a bow.
  • Passing of Collection Plates–Collection plate may be handled only by sidespersons; the passing of plates between congregants is prohibited. If this turns out to be unfeasible, plates may be put out, and offerings placed in them by congregants. Particularly at this time, we are encouraged to take advantage of other means to make contributions to the parish: Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), e-transfers, on-line banking.

The Diocese hopes to restore its customary liturgical practices as soon as it is advised that the risk of transmission has been better contained. Go to: for more information.

Lenten Program: Signs of Life–continues this Tuesday, March 17, at 10.00. Upstairs Sunday school room. You are welcome to join us.

Other Lenten Offerings

Centering Prayer–If you’ve never tried Centering Prayer, now’s a good time to see what it’s all about.  Every Thursday at 3 p.m., in the mezzanine.

Stations of the Cross–This traditional devotion will be offered several times during Lent. A simple set of stations has been acquired for our use. Dates and times TBA.

Prayer Book Evensong is led by the Cantate Singers on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Prayer ListPrint names of those you wish prayed for in March. Red binder, on shelf at back of church.

The next Greenwood dinner is April 1st. The menu will be pasta with salads and desserts.

Tuesday, Tea, and Theology (3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall)

March 17      Frye, Northrop                     The Double Vision

May 5      Oakley, Mark                     The Splash of Words

The Splash of Words, is now in at Furby House.


PORT HOPE  FARE SHARE -Every Sunday is Fare Share Sunday here at St. Mark’s, but we especially highlight the needs of our local community during Lent. Your donations of non-perishable food are gratefully received by the food bank. You might consider adding items from the Wish List printed below to your own shopping list. Thank you!  [] Canned Fruit and Vegetables; Rice; Juice (Fruit &Vegetable); Pasta and Pasta Sauce; Kraft Dinner; Sidekicks; Tuna; Soup & Soda Crackers; Canned Meat and Stew; Baked Beans; Canned Pastas;“Children’s” Cereals; Diapers; Toiletries; Toilet Paper; Pancake Mix and Syrup; Cookies; Peanut Butter; Jam and Honey; Sugar; Condiments.


Lenten Giving – Although we do not have a ‘special’ project this year, may we encourage you to remember charitable institutions close to your heart, e.g., PWRDF, AURA, Green Wood Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, Community Care, etc.

 The Cat’s Meow:  For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson through the office or at before Friday morning. Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. to noon.   905-885-4071


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