St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope

12th Sunday after Pentecost                   1 September 2019

Centering Prayer is held on Thursdays,  3.00 in the mezzanine.Morning Prayer will return shortly.

You are welcome to join us for the Angelus following the postlude at 10.30. Icon table at the back .

The flowers at the lectern are given to the Glory of God and in memory of departed members of the Chancel Guild

Wednesday Eucharists are at St. John’s in September, 10:00.

Anointing For Healing—Anointing is available on the second Sunday of each month, or anytime by appointment.

Evensong/Choir rehearsals return  Wed. Sept. 4, 4:30pm for Choral Evensong, along with our first choir rehearsals of the new season (Wed. 4pm for juniors, Thurs. Sept. 5, 7:45pm for adults). New singers in either group are always welcome!

A new display celebrating the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Parish of St. John the Evangelist is in the archive cases at the back of the church. Our church building was the original Church of St. John the Evangelist in Port Hope. A celebration service is being held at St. John’s on Pine Street Sept 8th.

St. John’s Bicentennial. September 8.  Our Diocesan Bishop Andrew Asbil will preach and celebrate at St. John’s in celebration of the 200th anniversary. There will be no services at St. Mark’s or St. Paul’s, Perrytown, that day.  N.B. Please make every effort to attend this important joint service.

The next Green Wood Community Dinner will be on Wednesday September 4. Our menu will be meat loaf with potatoes, vegetables, salads and dessert. If you can provide food for this event please sign-up on the sheet at the back of the church.

A sung Eucharist followed by a simple potluck dinner is offered each month, 5.15 pm. September 18, October 16

Blessing of Animals Sunday, October 6, 3.00 pm

The labyrinth mower is kaput. Do you have a working lawn mower that is surplus to requirements? Can you donate a new replacement?   It must be in the range of 18” to 21” to fit the path. Contact the office Tuesday to Friday.

The COFFEE TIME Sign-Up sheet has been moved to the Parish Hall board. You walk right by it!!!! Please sign up to bring refreshments in September. If you can’t bring stuff yourself, perhaps you could chip in some money for someone else to bring treats in your name a thought.

St. Mark’s FaithWorks Campaign- FaithWorks is the annual appeal of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. Since 1996 FaithWorks has provided more than $24 million to Anglican-affiliated ministries.  Your gift enables Ministry Partners to provide help and hope to thousands of individuals and families locally, as well as aid efforts in the developing world and in remote communities in Canada’s far north.  An information envelope, with your name on it, is available at the back of the church. Donations will be received until the end of this year. Thank you for your support..

FOOD BANK DONATIONS: Don’t forget our neighbours! Thank you to all who give regularly and place non-perishable items in the basket inside the church entrance. Cereal (hot and cold), pasta sauce, canned goods, peanut butter, Kraft Dinner, Ensure, pet food, etc., are always welcome. Personal care items are needed: toilet tissue; diapers; shampoo; toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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The Cat’s Meow: For inclusion, contact Marion Thompson through the office or at marionwhitevale@gmail.combefore Friday morning.

Office Hours are Tuesday to Friday,

       9 a.m. to noon. 905-885-4071

Food for ThoughtTime passes at a speed relative to the intensity of the life that is lived and the quality of life that is experienced. People talk a lot nowadays about living a long life, and scientists and doctors are trying to prolong human life as much as possible.,,, But I would not wish you a long life if that meant merely an extended life: I would wish you a life filled as much as possible with inner fulfilment…. It is not duration that makes life significant, but its quality….

It is not time that we lack, but heart. Never say that you have no time. On the whole it is those who are busiest who can make time for yet more, and those who have more leisure-time who refuse to do something when one asks. What we lack is not time but heart.

True time is not the time of the clock or the calendar, but the time of consciousness…. Time is a very relative concept and it primarily relates to our interest in what is going on….

People begin to grow old from the moment they close their eyes and take refuge in the past…. People who think that they have exhausted what they are … have to be told,

‘Look deep within yourself, and at the depth of your being you will discover new strength, unsuspected riches.’   Grace is offered to us, here and now, to begin our lives all over again.

— Henri Boulad  All is Grace: God and the Mystery of Time