St Marks Anglican Church - Home

Drop-In Art House

Building on this summer’s popular art camp, kids 7-13 will be invited to “drop-in” between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm one afternoon per week to draw, paint, or build. Projects will be assigned and taught using well-known artists and artistic styles as a jumping-off point.

Godly Play

A Christian Education program for kids, 5-13, Godly Play uses the principles of Montessori education. It invites children into a world of wonder about God and their own experience of living and growing. Each Godly Play lesson includes a story told with the help of simple props.
Kids then have an opportunity to reflect on the story through open-ended “wondering questions.” They delve further into their reflection artistically, or through writing or reading. Children do not sit at desks, and there are no books or worksheets to bring home. Materials used are hands-on and made on a smaller scale. Finally we gather to share a simple snack, called the Feast.