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Centering Prayer Group

Centering Prayer is a simple approach to the ancient practice of Christian contemplation. In describing the method, Fr. Thomas Keating says,

Centering Prayer elicits a commitment to the goal of inner transformation.
It suggests a practical method of entering our “inner room” by deliberately
letting go of external concerns symbolized by closing our eyes and consenting
to the presence and action of God within. Next, a [self-chosen] sacred word is introduced silently as a way to maintain our intention to consent to God’s presence and action within…This interior process was interpreted by the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the fourth century to mean letting go of all personal agendas, expectations, and desires for divine consolation, psychological breakthroughs, and self-reflections of any kind. The only initiative we take
during the period of Centering Prayer is to maintain our intention of consenting
to the presence and action of God within.
From Open Mind, Open Heart, Thomas Keating, O.C.S.O.

No prior church affiliation is necessary to join the Centering Prayer Group, just a willingness to be open to its possibilities.

Thomas Keating Centering Prayer Guidelines Intro

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